Actress, Director, and Filmmaker Olivia Wilde received an unexpected surprise while debuting the trailer for her latest movie Don't Worry Darling. Wilde was speaking at CinemaCon when an unknown man approached the stage and covertly slipped her a manila envelope.

Come to find out this dude was a process server just doing his job. Reports now state that the contents of the envelope were some variety of custody papers in reference to the two children that Wilde shares with actor and ex, Jason Sudeikis.

Although the couple was engaged at one time, their break-up was made fairly public after Wilde began dating actor and musician, Harry Styles.

Jason on the other hand has kept busy with his hit Apple TV show Ted Lasso. He was apparently working in Amsterdam when the papers were somewhat inconveniently delivered at CinemaCon.

In all fairness, Sudeikis wouldn't really have a say in the manner or timing of custody papers being served as it's totally up to the service company.

Honestly kudos if there was some sort of conspiracy to embarrass his ex publicly, because I wish I could be that petty. I guess we'll never truly know.

via Gfycat