onlyfans bans porn

OnlyFans, the site literally everyone knows for ONE thing, is about to ban that one thing. Yes, the uber-popular content streaming platform that revolutionized the porn industry by allowing hot women to monetize their nudes (and more). 

That simple idea - let sex workers independently monetize their content - catapulted OnlyFans into mainstream recognition. Its profile rose particularly during the pandemic, when many newly unemployed women were able to make a living (or, in some cases, more money than they'd ever make at a 9-to-5) by shakin' what the good Lord gave 'em on camera. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and starting October 1, sexually explicit content will no longer be welcome on the platform.

In an effort to raise their company valuation and obtain more funding, OnlyFans is bowing down to pressure from banking and investment partners and trying to pivot towards becoming a more family-friendly live content streaming service. 

Let's be clear, this is not a thing they actually, truly need to do. The company is wildly profitable and raking money in - it's just that nothing is real in this derivatives-based economy anymore and so they just do whatever they can to keep raising the valuation skywards by getting that sweet sweet hedgie money babyyyyy. 

Towards that end, they've already started the media blitz of ads showcasing all the non-porn creators they have in areas like fitness and cooking.

Also wtf they signed... Rachel Dolezal? Really, OnlyFans? You gave up tiddies and replaced them with THIS?


The news was met pretty unfavorably (surprise surprise):

Former escort/adult star Syndey Leathers (who came to fame during the Anthoney Weiner sexting scandal) also posted the following tweet that is absolute gold:

Naturally, Twitter being Twitter there were also plenty of jokes:

Don't worry though, it's only a matter of time before various alternative sites pop up and we can all continue horning it up as we have been.