Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell embarked on yet another round of invisible freeze tag on Wednesday, going stiff for roughly 30 seconds while fielding questions from reporters in Covington, Kentucky.

Upon being asked whether he’s planning another Senatorial run in 2026, at which point, he’ll be 84 years old, the Republican lawmaker appeared to freeze again, staring silently ahead of him.

Though one aide asked if he “heard the question, senator?” he remained quiet, his team ultimately rushing to his side.

“I’m sorry you all, we’re gonna need a minute,” she said.

While it’s unclear what, exactly, caused this incident, though we suspect the thought of retiring at a reasonable age may have prompted his brain to short-circuit, McConnell ultimately came to (unfortunately), briefly answering a handful of follow-up questions, before heading away from the podium.

The Senator previously experienced a similar incident in late July, freezing during a press conference on Capitol Hill.

So take it from the Senate Minority Leader, if you’re gonna engage with reporters, maybe stay away from the deca-dose Cheeba Chews.