If you decided to resort to a life of crime, what would be the first thing you’d steal? Necessities? Or maybe cold hard cash? Bars of gold? How about several pounds of oxtail? No? It’s what two men in Texas opted to steal before they were caught during a traffic stop.

Mark Herman, the County Constable for Harris County Precinct 4, tweeted that one of the precinct’s sergeants arrested two suspects after they were found to be in possession of “multiple fresh meat packages stolen from different local stores” during a traffic stop. Specifically, several packages of oxtail, steaks and jumbo shrimp.

Twitter users were amused by the photo set shared by the constable, which included an arrest shot, a photo of one of the suspects in the back seat of a cop car and two photos of the stolen meat on the hood of the suspects’ car. One Twitter user marveled, “Oxtail on the hood like a narco bust is crazy.” Meanwhile, others joked that they should have let the pair go as they were obviously the new plug for cheap meat.

Several people argued that they probably stole the meat out of necessity, like trying to feed their families (plausible) or trying to feed a horde of dogs (less plausible). Yet others responded that they were most likely stealing the meet in order to resell it, but also that stealing from Walmart and Food Town isn’t the most diabolical crime in the universe.

My theory? They got in over their heads planning a family reunion BBQ and didn’t properly allocate for the meat budget. It could happen to anyone!