A group of bitter Green Bay Packers fans learned a few hard lessons on hubris and gambling on Monday, finding themselves forced to pay massive bills after hoping the New York Jets would lose following Aaron Rodgers’ gruesome Achilles tendon tear.

It all began when Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin decided to help soothe local football fanatics' hard feelings about Rodgers leaving his 18-season tenure with the Packers by offering to comp their bar tabs if the Jets lost to the Buffalo Bills.

At first, several fans took Rodgers’ season-ending injury as a good omen for their bank accounts, preemptively celebrating by treating themselves to drink after drink.

"Unfortunate injury, but you're playing a powerhouse like the Bills,” patron Berk Dogan told local news outlet Fox 6, describing the deal as ”almost a guaranteed free tab.”

"Oh yeah, tear it up," added John Borkowski, using one h—l of a choice of words. "We don't have to work until 11."

Yet these celebrations quickly turned to panic after the Jets managed to defeat the Bills 22 - 15 all without their new star quarterback.

Shortly after the team’s win, Milwaukee’s CBS affiliate CBS58 offered a glimpse inside the bar, a scene defined by visibly distressed customers realizing they’d have to pony up for their bills after all.

Moral of the story? Never write a check your wallet — or least favorite quarterback — can’t catch.