Looking after children often means you’re forced to come up with incredibly creative solutions to problems you never could have imagined. One day-care employee named Tina recently learned this after discovering a student of hers has a slight potty mouth and can’t stop cussing.

Her solution to the problem is one I’ve never seen before, and is undoubtedly pretty creative: She posted a video shutting the child in the bathroom after explaining that she can only swear in there and nowhere else. Seemingly content with this new rule, the little girl stands at the sink after mom walks away and begins swearing up a storm — “motherfucker” and “bitch” seem to be particular favorites.

In the video itself as well as the comments, Tina assures viewers that both the video and the method of punishment were approved by the girl’s mom. In response to a commenter who asked for context, Tina explained, “This was after she got in trouble again and I spoke to mom and asked her if we could try this, and mom said anything at this point and it seemed to work .”

Many commenters were incredibly entertained and found the little girl relatable, with multiple people joking that this is what they have to do to cope at work. Others wondered who the girl could possibly have enough beef with to explain her calling people motherfuckers at day care, but maybe she means it as a term of endearment?

Others were more concerned, trying to figure out where she could have picked this language up. To that end, some commenters on Twitter pointed out that she appeared to be quoting the popular song “It Girl” by TikToker Aliyah’s Interlude, so she could have overheard her parents watching TikToks and, being a child, absorbed everything like a precocious little sponge.

@sobermama82383 Had to try this trend to see if it would help! Im aware that toddlers are sponges. We are being extra careful around her now! #fyp ♬ original sound - Sobermama82383

Tina’s video inspired at least one other mom to try and train her child to only swear when she’s in the bathroom. This mom left her two-year old daughter in the bathroom with the camera, and the daughter immediately starts talking like a YouTuber filming a vlog, looking at the camera and saying, “Hey guys, today we’re saying bad words in here,” before going on to swear. “Stinkin’ ass” is her go-to, which at least has the advantage of being less offensive than “motherfucker.”

But people seemed less impressed by this video, with multiple commenters asking how this was a solution, and one person commenting that she thought OP was “dragging her to the sink to wash her mouth out with soap like we had to do.”

You can’t please everyone, though. Some people are just stinkin’ ass motherfuckers.