A Penn State Professor is facing charges after being accused of performing lewd acts with his dog in a state park.

Themis Matsoukas, who teaches Chemical Engineering at Penn State, was caught on security camera wearing only a ski mask, backpack, and hiking boots near the trail bathroom at Rothrock State Forest. The footage allegedly shows Matsoukas recording on his iPad and performing sexual acts with his dog.

When investigators arrived at Matsoukas' home he told them, “You don’t understand. I do it to blow off steam”.

Penn State has put Matsoukas on leave but the news of the accusation has prompted a flood of comments to his Rate My Professor page.

Before the accusation, Matsoukas had a pretty good rating on Rate My Professor (a decent 4.5 / 5). One student from the 2022 semester boasted that he “cares about his students and you can tell he is very invested in the course.”

Despite a few algebra mistakes in class, tough exams, and his demand for attendance, Matsoukas appears to be a dedicated professor.

“Would have enjoyed the interactions more with professor thermos, but he didn’t use enough peanut butter to make me enjoy it,” says another review.

“Great class. Very informative. He gives extra credit if you include pictures of your dog in your assignment, and even more, if your dog is in a cute little costume,” explains another spam review.

So many people spammed the page that Rate My Professor has now frozen the account, barring any new reviews and deleting the joke reviews.

Somewhere out there the student that called Matsouckas arrogant and urged others to “avoid his class if you can” in his 2014 review is feeling very vindicated right now.

That guy really screwed the pooch! (allegedly)