After roughly a decade of down bad posting, it appears the horndogs of Reddit have finally made a full 360, finding themselves thirsting over, well, actual tea.

On Sunday, Twitter user and Beyoncé stan page @beyoncehaskids offered their followers a glimpse at how an unfortunate spill could go so so right, proceeding to create the outline of what appears to be one very attractive woman right on their car seat. 

“I spilled my drink and then…..” they captioned their now-viral post.

While it remains unclear whether or not this spill’s shape was by design or the gods of horny-posting smiling down upon us, one thing was certain — everyone was thirsting for that sweet, sweet tea.

“damn she bad asf,” wrote one commenter.

“LEMME HEAR U SAY HEY MRS. WATER,” added another  while a third joked that “her body tea.”

Though it's unclear when Beyoncé will drop her next album, she’s still finding ways to quench her fans’ undying thirst.