If you’ve ever searched “date night ideas” or had a team-building night with a “fun” boss, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a Rage Room.

For context, a Rage Room provides everyday people with the space and materials to smash household objects without the pain of having your neighbors call CPS. Sure, this may seem like an exercise in cruel mockery for the developing world people who made the things you’re smashing, but for us over here, it’s just a good time! Couple friends, a hammer — what’s the worst that could happen?

Some people love these rage rooms so much, in fact, that it makes them a little hot and heavy. Rather than wait until they get home, or even until they get into the minivan in the parking lot, a few rage-room owners claim that their patrons are deciding to get down and dirty, right on top of a pile of smashed food processors and shattered TVs.

“I’ve had some customers lay down together in a room filled with broken glass, so maybe there’s a danger aspect to it,” Corey Holtam, owner of Wreck Room Las Vegas, told USA Today. “Being in that atmosphere, it’s super weird, so I think people tend to go to a primal place.”

Holtam isn’t alone. “Neko Farmer, 34, founder of REKT in Carrollton, Georgia, said he sees couples engage in sexual behavior like ‘heavy petting and intense make-out sessions’ about twice a month, ‘with some customers stripping down to their underwear,’” the article continues.

So why does beating up a refrigerator make some people want to go to Pound Town? The article speculates that “people are confusing this physiological response rooted in anger or excitement with sexual arousal because they’re in a room with someone they find attractive.” That said, let’s not discount the people who get off at the sight of a pulverized IKEA table — there’s bound to be a few of them.

Fair warning: One of the rage-room owners quoted in the piece notes that his rooms do have cameras. So if you plan to get down and dirty in the rage room, bring something to cover the camera — or be mentally prepared to have your video posted onto some pretty strange websites.