There are few major franchises as ridiculous as Fast and Furious. With a total of ten movies, every entry is based on one-upping the insanity levels of its predecessor. Its blockbuster action is so unbelievable, that at times it feels like watching a parody of its own genre, making the series the closest thing Hollywood has to a Bollywood action flick.

The original Fast and Furious was released in 2001 and followed the story of an undercover detective exploring the world of underground street racing. While certainly a blockbuster action flick, the movie was far from the farcical action absurdity fans have grown accustomed to. But when did the franchise jump the curb?

The actor and content creator @KevOnStage asked Twitter this very question, prompting his followers to pinpoint “the moment Fast and the Furious abandoned reality.” Earning a staggering 306 million views (if you can really count Twitter’s view metric), fans were more than willing to point out their least believable moment, from the least believable film franchise.

There are many iconic shots from F&F, including a car swinging from a rope like Spiderman, and jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper in Dubai. Plenty of fans started with action set pieces like those for their least believable moment. There certainly are plenty of them.

But while these scenes are all utterly ridiculous, at least they’re on brand for the series, and feature cars being well, fast and furious. Plenty of other scenes are just plain weird, like The Rock holding a helicopter by a chain, or flexing out of an arm cast. My personal pick has to be Jason Statham collapsing a parking garage by stomping on its roof.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment “Fast and Furious” decided to abandon reality, but at least this thread gives us a nice list of options to choose from. But as @AnthonyTilghman points out, perhaps the least believable thing they ever did was “trying to convince us these dudes were in high school.”