Does your S.O. do a lot of things that are just, well, things? Like avoiding ATMs, needing something sweet after a meal, or insisting on answering a banana like a phone?

Enter the internet’s favorite way of classifying truly middle-of-the-road behavior – beige flags.

Unlike green flags, which indicate a positive aspect of a potential suitor, or red flags, beige flags are exactly as their name implies –  notable quirks that embody neutrality.

“My favorite beige flag of my bf’s is when he uses phrases that have nothing to do with the situation and makes them apply,” TikTok creator @pen15_spam (nice) penned in their viral take on the trend detailing their partner’s most beige flags. “For example one time we were making really good time getting where we needed to go and driving kinda fast but not too fast and he says “wow, we’re really jujuing on this beat right now.”


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Yet @pen15_spam was far from alone in spamming about their S.O.’s … neutral traits.

“My boyfriend’s beige flag is that he pretends he isn’t tired when I know he is,” added @alexishealey4 in their recent viral video.

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“My boyfriend’s beige flag is that [he] possesses random knowledge that he has no reason to possess,” mused @alfredosauce94, detailing how their S.O. can rattle off “the unique structure of camel cells” and “when the first airplane was flown” with seemingly no effort.

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Beige flags: They’re better than red!