chinese villagers controlling their own towns with weapons and blockades

The coronavirus has already affected more people in China than SARS ever did and is mutating and spreading at overwhelming rates, prompting many Chinese citizens to take precautionary measures into their own hands. 

It was recently reported by Business Insider that before Wuhan officially closed it borders and quarantined their city of roughly 12 million people, some 5 million people were able to leave in the last few hours before it's total shutdown. 

And many small villages and communities in China that want to keep out the infected fleeing Wuhan and other cities have started taking their protection into their own hands. There have been videos of people building road blocks, people trying to break from containment rooms and now there are photos of, well Chinese people with spears patrolling their small country roads. 

And yes they also are using guns, not just spears and swords. I wonder how bad things will get before they get better. Because if I were a sick person fleeing a major city, walking into this guy would be the last thing I'd want to do.