Elon Musk has made a number of changes to Twitter since he became the sole owner of the platform and took the company private in the fall of 2022. Of those changes, the biggest is his removal of all legacy verified badges, which Twitter's previous stewards gave to celebrities and other notable public figures to help users identify the real them. 

A decision for which he's received as much flack as he has praise, mostly from people who forked over the $8 a month charge for the blue check. It doesn't matter what you think about Elon, Twitter, or really anything, the real value of a place like Twitter isn't defined by those who run it, but by those who use it. 

And one way we all use Twitter, and most social media apps for that matter, is as ourselves, and as anons. Personally, during Instagram's heyday, I had five different accounts, one for my real self and four for different meme/shitposting accounts. 

Well, just the other day, while Elon was bragging about how many monthly subscribers he has amassed from his 130 million (real) person following, people noticed Elon was logged into not one, but two accounts. The avatar of a small boy holding a gun being the single clue as to what Elon's burner may be. 

And it didn't take long before people allegedly identified the account, which was aptly named, 'Test Elon.' 

Surely it couldn't be that easy right? One of the world's richest men and certified funny guy would know better than to name his burner after himself, right? Let alone share a screenshot with its avatar. 

Well, no, that isn't obvious. Now we can't say for certain if this account is Elon's, but come on, of course it is, he's a dipshit. We aren't dealing with a rocket scientist here. 

The worst part isn't that 'Test Elon' tweets just like Musk, with the (sighs) and all, it's that he's pretending to be a three-year-old. Which for all we can know, the person behind the account is a three-year-old. 

Regardless of whether this is Elon or not, I can't help but feel let down. I was hoping 'Test Elon' would have better posts, but hey, this is Elon Twitter, none of the posts are any good anyways.