Alright I realize it's a movie. But for writing's sake, what the f*** are these people doing? 

Here are all of the people who could've prevented Kevin from being alone, and having to protect himself against two psychopaths. You literally had one job.

Donut-eating Cop

Bro, take the donut out of your face-hole for one second and help the woman on the phone.

Wellness Check Officer

Dude, the kid is scared. Open the door and go inside!

Grocery Store Cashier

This lady lets an 8 year old lie to her face. So I dunno, maybe time to go grab a manager.

Kevin's Parents

This should be obvious, but Kevin's parents. DO YOUR JOB.


It's Christmas eve, it's cold, it's dark. This kid literally asks for his family back for Christmas! Go get a competent adult! 

Old Man

No kid is willingly going to church if they don't have to. That should be this guy's first clue that something is up.

Airport Attendant

She at least gets Kevin onto a plane. It's the wrong plane, but still...

Another Airport Attendant

Listen, I get that this was before 9/11 and flying was different. But take 2 minutes to find Kevin's boarding pass. This guy is a clown.

And This Airport Attendant

Just fire every airport worker. If an 8 year old comes up to you and asks WHAT CITY THEY ARE IN, maybe there's a real problem.

Woman Walking

Okay lady, you've already had one of the sticky bandits try to steal your purse. So the second time, you knock them both out, why wouldn't you help the kid that they were about to murder?

Tim Curry's Character

This dude's almost worse than Harry and Marv. You really think Kevin "stole" a credit card? GTFO.


I want to give Duncan the benefit of the doubt, but come on man. A kid with that much cash on him, and you don't pry a little further? 

Pigeon Lady

This woman is probably biggest culprit. She's aware that Kevin is alone in New York. Go find a police officer, and quit projecting your problems onto a kid.