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If you find yourself in a group of people preparing to spend hours inside a fake world just to protest something in the real world, you should take a step back.

This week, the animal activist group PETA staged a "raid" on the museum in the Nintendo Switch video game "Animal Crossing." They were protesting the fact that the game encourages users to catch fish and bugs that they then donate to be kept in the museum.

Except, of course, the "fish" and "bugs" are NOT real and in fact part of a VIDEO GAME.

yo peta, your cool n all, but if you're tryna protest against people catching virtual bugs and fish in a game all about catching virtual bugs and fish then you could always just not play the game yknow

it is a video game. so people dont fish in RL and can do that digital. And that is so great for the nature in real life. You should live more in the real world. And dont forget how important science is to PROTECT the nature. Dont confuse ACNH for the real world. Thanks.

ya know. I'm kinda glad you've started whining about virtual animals. It takes time away from you killing real animals.

The fact that no actual animals were harmed, and that the PETA members had spent hours at this fruitless task instead of putting their time toward helping real animals, didn't seem to matter to PETA.

No one was impressed with PETA's efforts, and when they shared their heroic raid video to Twitter, they received a brutal ratioing.

buy game upgrade museum catch all the fish needed to fill museum donate all the fish needed to fill museum make video saying it's bad to do everything you just did post video thinking it's fire and end up getting ratio'd. wow top notch cringe even for you, well done.

peta we're raiding islands to free fish. no buddy you tried to attempt a video and it blew up in your face. Take your l/gold star and dismiss yourself.

stop using games we like to push your agenda you fucking assholes

The biggest fault in their little stunt was that they first had to catch all the bugs and fish and put them in the museum in order to have something to protest. Like shooting yourself in the foot just to be able to use your favorite Spongebob Band-aids, it was a truly self-defeating waste of time.

eric andre meme shooting hannibal buress. Peta why would blathers do this?

peta catches fish. donates fish to museum. empty the tanks blathers is cancelled

The second piece of hypocrisy people pointed out is that PETA is known to put down many of the animals they shelter.

This technically has more to do with the overwhelming number of breeders and pet shops contributing to animal population numbers, but PETA still feels the sting of being called out for this.

when you protest virtual fish tanks after euthanizing an entire litter of puppies peta

baxter it's been 7 days and you haven't been adopted. Time for your euthanasia. Yes PETA.

people for the ethical treatment of these nuts. hahahahaa you're blocked.

PETA also put together an exhaustive guide on how to be a vegan in "Animal Crossing," focusing on not only leaving animals alone, but detailing which foods and clothes to avoid as well.

Again, you cannot be a vegan or a meat-eater inside a video game because you're PLAYING A VIDEO GAME.

look at this cow minecraft troll peta

Are ya winnin, PETA? No. They are not.

you re not a clown. you are the entire circus.

are you ok