In news that will surprise absolutely no one, PETA is being PETA again. Their latest stunt, which took place at London Fashion Week, featured a man tearing “fur” from a naked woman’s body as she lies on a table and screams, in an attempt to protest cashmere made from goat fur.

This is far from the first time PETA has relied on sexism to make a point about animal rights, with several past campaigns featuring sexualized and scantily-clad women, including vegan actress Pamela Anderson.

Unfortunately for PETA, their latest attempt at grabbing people’s attention has worked, but not in the way it had hoped. As YouTuber Justin Whang put it, “This clip has definitely altered the trajectory of several people’s lives, but not in the way PETA intended.”

With this stunt, PETA has made one Twitter user “horny for something that cannot exist,” while others were concerned the stunt would somehow lead to an increase in furry exhibitionism.

PETA recently published an investigation into the cashmere industries in China and Mongolia, where 90 percent of the world’s cashmere comes from. The videos are distressing, and the conditions are troubling. As a result, PETA is now petitioning brands like Madewell and Ralph Lauren to stop using cashmere, going so far as to ask Ralph Lauren when the brand will drop cashmere at the company’s annual meeting last month. Meanwhile, U.K. fast-fashion label ASOS recently banned cashmere after being petitioned by PETA, and has removed all cashmere products from its site.

As always, PETA’s mission is a noble one, but their methods are much less so. Not only is this latest stunt alarming from a feminist perspective, but they’ve also just created a new army of furries.