Everybody knows that delivery drivers have to put up with a lot, including particularly demanding customer requests. In the case of one Amazon driver, though, the customer request was simple: Say hello to my pig.

Posting to Reddit, someone shared a set of incredibly unique delivery instructions. The instructions read, “Pig is very sensitive. Walking by her completely ignoring her will result in her feeling self-conscious, and becoming depressed for several hours. It will be highly appreciated that if you don’t pet her or scratch her back, that you say hi to her. Thanks!” This pig is relatable.

Commenters were in agreement that this was an excellent request, and one that would be likely to make their day on the job that much brighter. One wrote, “Honestly out of all the **** I dealt with on a daily basis working for them, whenever I got a customer instruction like this it literally made my day so much better.”

Others agreed that pigs are definitely capable of that level of emotional intelligence, with another commenter opining, “Pigs are the best pets. Super intelligent and can get rid of a body.”

Hold up. Let me not ask questions I’m not ready to hear the answers to.

That said, a few doubted there was a pig at all. One woman wrote, “I told my husband that wasn’t funny. A simple wave. It’s all I asked,” while someone else, operating on a similar wavelength, joked, “I think it is terrible the way this guy talks about his wife.”

Unfortunately, no follow-up has been posted with a photo of the pig or confirmation of its existence, so we’ll just have to take this one on faith and hope that somewhere out there is a pet pig with crippling self-esteem issues demanding attention from unsuspecting delivery drivers.