Lacking rizz? Let Cowboys, Pirates and Samurais be your wingmen.

Comedian @megitchell recently headed to TikTok with an expert dating tip for women struggling to chat up their crush —  broaching historical badasses is never a bad idea when it comes to winning a man’s heart.

“If you want to talk to a guy but you don’t know how to open the conversation, ask him if he would rather be a cowboy, a pirate or a samurai,” she explained in her clip, which garnered upwards of 2.7 million views in two days. “He will have a lot of opinions about all three of those things.”

@megitchell Boys, sound off in the comments about which one you would rather be!!! #datingadvice #satire #comedy ♬ original sound - meg bitchell

Though @megitchell remained tight-lipped on the methodology behind her dating discovery — though she probably didn’t need to because who doesn’t enjoy discussing horseback riding, big shiny swords and of course (pirate) booty  — several dudes headed to the comments, ready to vouch for this ice breaker.

“As a guy, I feel like this would be a high percentage opening,” wrote @Zerodivisor.

“Ladies, take note,” added @print_lockwood.

To paraphrase Big & Rich’s 2004 hit: “Save a horse, ride a dude who answered a cowboy.”