If you know anything about Portland Oregon, you know that they really and we mean really, love their strip clubs. So when the orders for social distancing started going into action, the Lucky Devil had no choice but to adapt. 

Allow us to introduce you to Boober Eats the world's first delivery service, where your delivery driver will also show you her tits.  

Club owner Shon Boulden said, "I originally did it at first as a joke, and it got 150 shares on Facebook—like nothing we've ever had before. So I was like, 'Well shit, why don't we just try to do this?"

The Lucky Devil is a strip club, but like many in Portland it also features a full food menu and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks as well, so trying to stay open, if just for deliveries, was something they wanted to make happen. They just never planned for there to be so many orders. 

Even the local news thought it was a great idea! Like we said, Portland loves them some strippers! So if your in the Portland area and are either a little hungry or horny, give Lucky Devil a ring and order you some wings and melons for your self-isolation.