If you’re going to bang on the job, make sure there’s not a camera nearby. Otherwise, you may end up like the police officer from Prince George’s County in Maryland who was suspended after a video of him appearing to get it on in a cop car went viral.

The video shows the cop hugging and kissing a woman outside of his car. After a moment, the woman gets into the backseat — and the man follows.

This apparently isn’t the first time this has been caught on camera, either.

So who’s the jabroni who keeps trying to smash while on patrol? His name is Francesco Marlett, and even though doing this in any other job would get you fired on the spot, he has simply “had his police powers suspended during an investigation.”

According to CBS News, the incident was recorded near a park where children were playing. Additionally, “the two remained in the vehicle for about 40 minutes before exiting the back of the police cruiser and quickly leaving the park in their respective vehicles.”

This came as news to Marlett’s wife, who appears to have made a Facebook post showing the video saying, “There goes my husband and his Mistress.”

She later made another post offering additional details about the woman in the video.

Just in case you weren’t convinced that the cop in the video is a bad dude, the Baltimore Banner writes, “Marlett had previously been suspended without pay in December 2015 and indicted by a grand jury in May 2016 on child abuse and assault charges. According to media reports at the time, Marlett spanked his girlfriend’s three-year-old son. The boy hit his head against a wall and lost consciousness. When the boy’s mother came into the room, she found Marlett performing CPR on the unconscious toddler.”

Moral of the story: Don’t hurt kids, and wait until you’ve clocked out to bang.