Recently, former Fox News host and current X video personality (no, not like that) Tucker Carlson decided to make his way to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin.

No one is sure exactly how and why this happened. Putin has been fairly cagey with interviews ever since the war in Ukraine started, so the fact that he’s decided to give an interview now, and to Carlson specifically — the guy whose show previously featured Kevin Spacey and the guy who claims to have sucked off Barack Obama in a limo — is a bit strange, to say the least.

Regardless, one would hope that, if nothing else, we would get some juicy content out of it. And as it turns out, we did, but it’s not thanks to Carlson.

For most of the interview, things are pretty boring. Putin says the same stuff he’s been saying since the war started while Carlson, for the most part, sits there with his mouth agog like a toddler who’s been sucking on Jolly Ranchers for too long. Then, at one point, the CIA comes up.

Putin was in the middle of recounting a personalized history that anyone covering Russia and Ukraine should know when he stated that the CIA was involved in the Euromaidan protests of 2014 — and that, if history had played out a little differently, Carlson himself could have been part of the group pulling the strings.

“With the backing of CIA, of course. The organization you wanted to join back in the day, as I understand,” Putin says. “Maybe we should thank God they didn’t let you in.”

It’s true that Carlson once tried to join the CIA. As a New Yorker article put it, “After college, he tried and failed to persuade the CIA to employ him; the real-life agency, unlike its fictional counterparts, prefers not to hire young men who are gabby and insubordinate.” Okay, New Yorker — a bit snarky, but we get your point.

Of course, get deep enough into any conspiracy circle, and they’ll tell you that Carlson himself is, to this day, still a CIA asset. I don’t know about that, but I think Tucker should leave Russia and go back to covering the fun stuff — like how the M&Ms aren’t sexy anymore.