Though Taylor Swift may have detailed what, exactly, she’d do if she were a man in her 2019 song “The Man” (she’d be “the man”) some of her Floridian fans have another much more pressing inquiry for the pop princess  – what the fuck is she going to do as the mayor of Tampa, Fla.?

Ahead of Swift’s three-day stop in Tampa as a part of her ongoing “Eras” tour, Mayor Jane Castor revealed the city’s “Mastermind” plan to welcome the “Lavender Haze” songstress to their community in a video message shared to Twitter.

“We know Glendale changed its name, Arlington made a street sign, and Vegas illuminated their Gateway Arches, but here in Tampa, we’ve got a reputation to uphold,” Castor explained, referencing how Glendale, Ariz; Arlington, Tex., and Las Vegas, Nev., all respectively greeted Swift.

“I want to present you with a key to the city and invite you to be our honorary mayor of a day. Mayor Swift has a nice right to it,” she quipped.

Swift has remained tight-lipped on whether she plans to take Castor up on her offer, however, several Swifties have started thinking ahead, drafting one hell of a docket for the singer’s day as mayor – one they say they hope will spark “the proletariat revolution”

“Now is your chance Taylor, raise the corporate tax rate to 400%,” wrote cinemamonsieur.

‘Cap our rent increases and corporations from buying affordable homes please @taylorswift13,” suggested @ughmandaaa, while @wade26Boggs encouraged her to simply “unincorporate the city.”

But it’s not just the Tampa area. Several other fans, including @KatIoannides, speculated on how Swift, who has spoken candidly about her support of the LGBTQ+ community and abortion rights, could use her time as mayor to take a stand against some of the state’s more controversial policies.

“As honorary Florida Mayor @taylorswift13 should issue a series of city ordinances pushing back on FL's abortion ban, host a city-sponsored drag storytime, then have Tampa join the DeSantis lawsuit,” they wrote on Twitter.

“Declare Tampa a pro-choice & trans sanctuary city,” added @TylerABlake.

While it’s still unclear if or how Swift will approach her day as mayor, one thing is for certain — as @ArkansasFred so aptly put it, “She is about to have a lot of power over a breathtaking amount of retired pro wrestlers.”