Some people have incredibly rich and complex inner lives that we cannot hope to ever fully understand. Other people are simply, to borrow one of Gen Z’s favored slang terms, delulu. Unfortunately for her, one woman on Twitter has become intimately acquainted with one such delusional person over the past two years.

Aleena took to Twitter to share screenshots of messages she’s been receiving from a strange man, writing, “This random man has been DMing me as if we’re in a toxic relationship for the last two years.” The messages are just as hilarious as they sound considering Aleena does not know this man and certainly isn’t dating him.

The first pictured message reads, “I know I said some things in the past that were hurtful but I wanted to talk about this over a nice dinner,” to which Aleena responded, “What have u said that was hurtful.” The man merely replied, “You didn’t deserve that,” and didn’t elaborate. (I get it, a man has to maintain an air of mystery in order to keep the ladies interested.)

He then came back with, “I had some time to think and it was more about not what I said but how I said it, and I wanted to make it up to you.” The next day, he sent, “I just don’t want to argue at dinner and make a scene,” and the day after that, “I know I’m something else and at the same time, I never felt this way.”

Less than a month later, it was, “We need to talk,” followed by, “I already knew you never cared and you were going to leave just like how everybody else in my life left. So I hope your trip was worth it.” Aleena replied with, “I can’t tell if ur being funny or serious,” so he clarified that he was, indeed, being serious.

He continued to message her, asking what time he was picking her up, if she was okay, if she still loved him, while also sharing that his “rose quartz shattered so I thought about you and right after that Hurricane Ian hit and had me thinking how you blew me away when we first met and how it doesn’t matter now.” Poor guy is really going through it in this one-sided relationship.

He also attempted to neg her and make her jealous by calling her annoying and saying “g2g my other girl texting.” One of his most recent messages reads, “I don’t want Benihana anymore I know where I want to take you,” which is slightly ominous, but also, what was wrong with Benihana?

One person accused Aleena of unsending all of her texts in order to make the guy look crazy, which is possible, but this is so funny I’m choosing to believe it’s real. Other people replied sharing similar encounters, including one person who went with it and started playing along.

In response to concerned replies, Aleena confirmed that she has now blocked the man, which is undoubtedly for the best, even if it means no more entertaining delulu nonsense.