Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida yesterday and many have lost their homes and their lives, and one man, Ernie, lost his most prized possession, a McLaren P1. 

A week ago the ecstatic Ernie drove home in a brand new, $1.1 million Volcano Yellow McLaren P1, one of only 375 in existence. Ernie was thrilled. Happy as a clam. He even took to his incredibly popular car-centric Insta account to post adoring photos of the masterpiece of automotive artistry. 

What Ernie didn’t know was that in just one week’s time, he’d be parting with his newfound love. Today, we mourn for Ernie and his devastating loss. 

Instead of evacuating, Ernie did what any logical Floridian would do and whipped his glossy supercar to the supermarket to stock up on essentials, but not without snapping that obligatory post-grocery store McLaren pic for his social. “My hurricane supply car” he captioned the post. 

Hours later, a storm surge from Hurricane Ian inundated residential areas with massive flooding. So massive that Ernie’s McLaren was swept out of his garage and down the street. Take a look. [Trigger warning, some viewers may find the following images of this poor bastard’s McLaren violently disturbing]

The supercar now sits in several feet of rushing water, bracing against the deluge as Hurricane Ian continues to rock the state of Florida. 

If these pictures weren’t enough, here’s a video of the tragic loss. Our hearts go out to you, Ernie. So do those of your many followers.

And sometimes in situations like these, all we can do is crack jokes.