In New Jersey this Wednesday, referee Alan Maloney told Buena Regional High School wrestler Andrew Johnson he could either cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match. With little hesitation, Johnson chose to cut off his luscious locks. 

Maloney's strange last-minute ultimatum sparked outrage, as dreadlocks are much more commonly sported by black people. 

More so, this isn't the first time Maloney has been on the hot seat. During a gathering between officials, Maloney allegedly poked fellow referee Preston Hamilton in the chest and allegedly used a racial slur during an argument over wine. After which, Hamilton slammed Maloney to the ground. 

While Maloney was to be suspended for a year after the episode, he appealed the suspension and the sentence was overruled. Let's see what the officiating board does after this latest incident. 

Although Johnson was unfairly forced to cut his hair, he didn't let that stop him as he went on to defeat his opponent 41-24.