What’s going on at fine-dining restaurants? While the everyday American may be snarfing down fast food or throwing burgers on the grill, the elites among us are consuming some of the most confusing and indulgent meals imaginable. A steak covered in gold? Yes, it exists. A $25,000 taco? Sure, why not? A big ol’ pile of foam, served in a dish shaped like the chef’s mouth? Uh, yeah, that too.

There are a few ingredients that are staples in any of these ultra-indulgent, ultra-wasteful meals. The first is gold (which, in case you were wondering, doesn’t have any taste, much like the people ordering these meals. Ay-oh!). The second, of course, is truffles — but not just any truffles. These truffles have to be of only the highest quality, and darn it, I don’t want them on my plate! I want them grated directly into my mouth!

Enter the “truffle facial.” You take an expensive truffle. You have a server grate it into your mouth. You enjoy (?) it. Then, you go home and yell at your immigrant nanny for letting your son Galaxy Note 8 eat non-organic carrots.

The point of this whole endeavor is questionable, to say the least. Maybe it’s a fetish thing. Maybe the customer just really, really likes truffles. Who’s to say?

On Reddit, users offered their thoughts on the situation. “This feels like the kitchen staff placing bets on what they can get rich morons to do in the name of fine dining,” wrote one. “So gross. I don’t see why she asked for this. I would be embarrassed to be seen eating that way,” added another. A few also pointed out that black truffles, which the woman is eating, aren’t actually that rare or expensive despite the premium price tag that upscale restaurants put on them.

And yes, before anyone says anything, many of the comments on both Twitter and Reddit were unreasonably horny. C’mon, guys — there’s actual porn on the internet! Why are you yankin’ it to videos of women in restaurants?!

But hey, if you’re an enterprising young restaurateur, there’s a bag of cash waiting for you if you want to copy this video. Just be sure to actually aim for the mouth.