Some modern landlords seem to be under the impression that they’re feudal lords overseeing their own personal fiefdoms. Almost everyone has encountered incredibly restrictive or just downright bizarre clauses in their rental agreements or has a friend who has: no parties, no visitors, and no pets.

One Australian landlord might just take the cake, however. Seeking to lease a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment in Brisbane, the listing states that the apartment is single occupancy only, and although guests are allowed, overnight guests are not.

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Thanks to a video posted to TikTok by a user called Beep Yen that opens with the line, “Australian landlords are banning sex in their apartments,” this listing has sparked outrage online.

While these kinds of restrictions aren’t uncommon when staying in something like an Airbnb long-term, for a private apartment that you live in 24/7/365, it’s pretty oppressive. Commenters were aghast, saying that there was surely no way this was a legal condition and wondering how on earth this rule could be enforced.

Other creative minds looked for loopholes, with one person writing, “It’s not staying over if we never actually went to sleep.” Another added, “It’s not overnight if they quickly walk out at 11:59 p.m. and walk back in at 12 a.m., that’s just visiting last night and then this morning.” Genius.

Others argued that the rule was in place because the apartment is technically a shared accommodation; while each apartment has a kitchenette, there’s a larger kitchen in a common area as well as a sitting area and laundry facilities. I’m not sure the argument that people shouldn’t be allowed to have sex if they have a shared kitchen is particularly convincing, especially considering the ongoing rental crisis in Australia that’s forcing people to settle for accommodation that isn’t necessarily suitable for their needs.

Tyrannical landlords should try to remember that just because they’re not getting any doesn’t mean nobody else should, but hey, as they say, misery loves company.