MLB star Aaron Judge just signed a 9-year, $360 million contract with the Yankees, keeping him in New York City long-term. However New York Post columnist and MLB Network insider, Jon Heyman not only tweeted wrong information, but instead of spelling 'Aaron' he spelled 'Arson Judge.' From there, the internet took over.

'Arson Judge' quickly became Twitter's beloved character of the day, and it was clear to see that the roast of Jon Heyman had commenced.

You love to see it. No discourse, no politics. Just wholesome memes stemming from an idiot writer. This is what Twitter should always strive to be about.

Whether you think this is a fireable offense or a simple boomer learning lesson in technology, these days on Twitter seem like they are few and far between. We're gonna embrace and enjoy this roast today. Never forget, Arson Judge.