Though a YouTube permaban may have halted SteveWillDoIt’s dreams of becoming MAGA’s knockoff MrBeast, it doesn’t mean he’ll stop attempting to dunk on his one-time competitor any time soon — even if it means conjuring QAnon-esque conspiracies out of thin air.

Earlier this week, SteveWillDoIt, the social media moniker of conservative influencer Stephen Deleonardis, briefly took a break from cosplaying as Andrew Tate and serving as one of Rumble’s three monthly users to offer an insane conspiracy theory on MrBeast star Chris Tyson’s recent transition.

Deleonardis’ argument? How could Tyson possibly emerge as one of the roughly 5 percent of young Americans who identify as a different gender than that assigned at birth per the Pew Research Center when their transition could be indicative of a broader conspiracy — one impacting the whole MrBeast team.

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“Did you see MrBeast, the guy Chris? My theory is someone had to do it, whether Beast, Chandler or Chris,” Deleonardis explained in the most recent installment of his eponymous — and very rambling — podcast, arguing that instead of actually being trans, Tyson’s move was to “protect the channel” or to “level up in life.”

The ‘humiliation ritual’ accusations stem from long-held theories that certain celebrities are asked, or demanded to humiliate themselves in order to secure their fame and fortune. These accusations have been leveled against comedians, mostly comedians who have played roles of women in comedies, as well as against prominent figures in hip-hop, including the time Kanye West held a plate of food for one of Kim’s friends.

“It’s just a crazy theory someone had to do it, and Beast is like, ‘I volunteer Chris,’” he explained of his elaborate MrBeast fanfiction.

MrBeast has been outspoken in his support of Chris, recently clapping back at a troll saying, “Chris isn’t my “nightmare” he’s my fucken friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.”