Designated drivers are the unsung heroes of any night out. Not only do they miss out on the fun of throwing back shots with the boys, they also have to deal with a hoard of drunkards at the end of the night. This means not only getting them home, but breaking up fights, helping them unlock their doors, and occasionally, driving back to the bar once one of their crew inevitably realizes they forgot their keys.

There is, however, a protocol for driving someone home with whom you’re not too familiar — and this dude nailed it.

Ronnie must be protected at all cost
by u/Ganjagirrrl25 in MadeMeSmile

In the Ring camera video, a man named Ronny can be seen escorting a visibly intoxicated girl to her door. Once the woman is safely inside, Ronny hits his bullet points. “Hi, I’m Ronny,” he starts. “I am sober. I drove her home. My girlfriend’s in the car.”

Slam dunk. An absolute masterclass. In just a few seconds, he 1) introduces himself; 2) notes he’s sober; 3) clarifies why he’s there in the first place; and 4) announces that he has a girlfriend, showing he didn’t have any ill intent.

This previously blew up on TikTok, where Ronny himself made a response.

After thanking viewers for their kind words, he notes that this behavior should be expected. “What I’m doing, it shouldn’t be praised,” he argues. “It should be the normal. It should the standard.”

A humble king. Salute to you, Ronny.