To fly in an airplane like a normal person or be a raging misogynist: That is the question that has set right-wing Twitter ablaze after a video depicting 22-year-old pilot airplane pilot, Sabrina Johnson, joking about her career in the friendly skies.

The controversy began earlier this week, after Johnson, who has amassed 143,600 followers by detailing her life as an airline and helicopter pilot, headed to TikTok with a video detailing one of her recent trips.

“When you just remember that you’re a silly little 22-year-old teenage girl flying hundreds of people around in a jet all day,” she wrote atop a clip featuring her sipping an iced beverage from the comfort of the cockpit.

@sabrinaleej I hope i greased that landing #airlinepilot #femalepilot #pilotsoftiktok #travel #hispanic #helicopterpilot ♬ original sound - Kaitlyn

Though the original video went viral, garnering thousands of supportive comments applauding her success at such a young age, the post quickly found its way into the hands of controversial right-wing social media personality/Twitter’s favorite person to call ugly, Ian Miles Cheong.

“Would you trust her to be your pilot?” he captioned the video, offering a jab at Johnson’s gender and age.

Despite garnering a handful of responses from misogynistic dudebros, the vast majority of commenters weren’t here for these sexist takes, calling out Cheong and others in quote tweets and replies.

“This is literally just misogyny lol,” @punishedmother wrote in a quote tweet of Cheong’s post.

“Misogyny is insane,” mused @th333a. “How are u questioning her flying abilities when u can’t fly a plane ”

It is unclear whether Cheong has ever even touched a cockpit, but last week he did confirm that he has never touched a wrench.