Deepfake software has been around for a few years now, but it requires literally hundreds of videos and images to create a digital version of the person you're trying to impersonate. Now, with Samsung's new scary-good deepfake AI only a single image is needed to create a convincing video, and you can even use a painting. 

Here are some examples of Samsung's new deepfake AI in action:

Marilyn Monroe deepfake using samsung ai

Mona Lisa deepfake using Samsung ai

Dali deepfake using samsung ai

While most uses of deepfake technology are just for fun, such as this video where Nicolas Cage's face was inserted into a bunch of different movies, all I can think about are all the cases where it could be used to deceive the masses. This video tweeted out last night by President Donald Trump is a perfect example of how deepfake technology can be used in malicious ways.

According to The Verge, a Facebook spokesperson said that the clips of Pelosi won't be removed from the platform because they don't have a policy that dictates the removal of false information. 

Here is a video explaining how the whole thing works. 

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