Gun-rights activist dressed in full military clothes protesting in Richmond Virginia

The eyes of the nation are on Richmond Virginia today, as thousands of gun-rights advocates have descended on the state capital to protest new gun legislation proposed by the state. 

Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency days before todays rally banning people from carrying gun on the state capital. Of the groups believed to be in attendance are Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America, Oath Keepers, Three Percenter Movement and white supremacists groups. 

The protests are in repose to legislation that would, "require background checks on all firearms purchases, limit handgun purchases to one per month and also allow localities to ban guns from certain events and government buildings", according to WWBT. 

Last week the FBI said they had made a number of arrests based off of credible intelligence that white supremacists were planning violent attacks during the days rallies.