Heroes don’t always wear capes — sometimes, they’re 14-year-old girls frantically steering a school bus.

Australian high school student Isabelle Miller found herself faced with that strange truth last Wednesday after her quick thinking managed to save a bus full of her classmates from crashing into a nearby gas station.

Though Miller had only boarded the bus to say hi to a few pals, she quickly realized she was in for a whole lot more than an after-school chat when the bus began rolling away from their Casino, New South Wales secondary school, heading straight for a gas station across the street.

Considering the driver — who had purportedly exited the vehicle to speak with a teacher — was nowhere to be found, Miller sprung to action, jumping behind the wheel and steering the bus to safety.

“No one was doing anything to stop the bus, so I ran up the front of the bus and steered it away from getting hit,” Miller, who said she had only practiced driving once before the incident, told Australia’s Today Show of her split-second decision. “It was pretty scary to think that, if I didn’t do anything, something bad could have happened.”

Though it remains unclear whether or not Miller will nab the Aussie version of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one thing is certain — this girl deserves a license, STAT.