The No Stupid Questions subreddit truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Today’s gift: A user wanting to know if women can tell when men quickly glance down at their boobs for the briefest of seconds.

The highest-rated response, presumably from a woman, reads, “Probably, I struggle with eye contact so I’d not notice haha,” while one of the replies to her explains that that’s the reason on the other side too — some men struggle with eye contact and instead look anywhere else, sometimes glancing at women’s chests in their quests to avoid said eye contact.

Unfortunately, enough men are just straight-up creeps that most chest glances are probably not so innocent, and yes, many women do notice. A few users pointed out that responses from women that argue they always notice are inherently flawed, because you can’t report on the times you didn’t notice. As one commenter explained, “It’s almost impossible to answer this question if you don’t notice, unless someone tells you that they don’t notice after (like in your case). So yeah this thread is heavily going to be filled with ‘yeah I noticed,’ because the times they didn’t notice go under the radar… obviously.”

While several women in the comments confirmed that they have noticed men staring many times, some argued that they wouldn’t be offended by a quick glance. A commenter shared a particularly egregious example of ogling that’s a surefire lesson in what not to do: “Once a guy looked blankly at my face, then down at my boobs, then looked back at my face with a huge smile and said, ‘Hi, how are you,’ very friendly all of a sudden. It was so blatant I laughed out loud and just kept walking. He at least had sense enough to leave me alone after that.”

A few commenters tried to offer other men advice on how to navigate such a situation, with one user writing, “Just make a comment like ‘Nice necklace,’ and hope she is wearing one.”

If she isn’t wearing a necklace, well, you’re SOL. Maybe ask if she’s got that mole on her collarbone checked recently and hope she has a mole there? If she doesn’t, then I really am all out of ideas. Oh, yeah, you could try looking women in the eyes when conversing with them and avoid these uncomfortable situations altogether.