Long before actress Emma Roberts was accused of transphobia and creating a hostile work environment by her American Horror Story: 1984 co-star Angelica Ross, the actress had a storied reputation for being an a-hole — especially towards service workers.

Several employees recently got candid about their professional experiences with the TV star on the American Horror Story subreddit, revealing that much like her famous on-screen personas, Roberts was frequently less-than-kind to the workers around her.

“I used to work VIP at a theme park. She was condescending, rude, belittling to everyone all day long,” Redditor u/humbird09 recalled of their run-in with the actress, noting that a mistake with her drink order particularly set her off.

“She had asked us to go get her a drink but changed her mind on what she wanted while we were gone. When we got back she threw the drink on my partner because it was the ‘wrong’ drink,” they continued, noting that Roberts “used quite a lot of profanity” while expressing her anger.

Unfortunately, u/humbird09 was far from alone in their negative experiences.

“On a petty note, I can say as a server that she was consistently rude,” wrote Cos_x_Cosette on the same thread, noting that this ill-treatment continued for “multiple days a week for weeks.”

Though the server jokingly considered the possibility that Roberts may have had “about 20 bad days in a row,” an alleged word of mouth within the serving community seemed to put this idea to rest.

“A lot of waiters/waitresses and crew members have spread word around that she was difficult and bratty and rude,” added u/DaisyFayeLove.

Though these allegations have yet to be thoroughly investigated beyond the confines of Reddit, one thing is for certain — whether or not she’s an entitled brat, she sure as hell knows how to play one on TV.