Think you’re having a lot of sex? Not compared to Annie Knight!

The Aussie OnlyFans model recently got candid about her sex life — one that could even make dick magnet Caroline Ellison weep tears of envy — revealing that she got it on with roughly 300 people in one year’s time, a feat that earned her the unofficial title of “Australia’s most sexually active woman.”

“I felt empowered afterward,” Knight, 26, said during a recent appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. “Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good.”

Her impressive feat — which included her once hooking up with five separate people in a single day — isn’t just for shock value, the content creator revealing that she finds her forays to be rather “empowering.”

“I’m down to try anything,” she said, noting that when it comes to getting it on, “the messier the sex, the better.”

Though several social media users attempted to denounce Knight’s possibly record-setting sex life, others — including @eveforamerica  — had more pressing questions for the model.

“Why not 365?” they asked.

But hey, so long as she’s being safe and all 300 people are on board, who are we to judge? As @charmainebrixx so aptly put it, ”Annie Knight! Seems like once a Knight wasn't enough.”