Ice Bae is proof that American's have a problem with taking things seriously. No seriously, we do, just look around. 

At a detention center on the Texas-Mexico Vice President Mike Pence took a tour of the conditions where hundreds of South American migrants are currently being held as their asylum is being processed. And in the midsts of all this, there was a single standout figure, Ice Bae. 

Ice Bae's real name is Kiara Cervantes, and she responded to her new viral frame by saying this, "Soooo it’s crazy…. but here I am. I’m hearing something about a viral picture. I would like to say i was just doing my job.. providing security for the visit of @VP. It was an honor and I take a lot of pride in my job!"

She later posted a video of herself on Twitter to confirm that she was the woman from the video. 

So here is to never taking anything serious again! 

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