The thing that sets Bumble apart from other dating apps is that women have to make the first move.

Logic tells us celebrities like Sharon Stone shouldn't need dating apps. This is Sharon Stone we're talking about. Sharon Stone who starred in Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone who looked like this in 1992-

-and came back for the sequel in fourteen years later looking like this:

A Sharon-Stone-cold badass who once sent back her wedding ring via FedEx.

For reasons unknown, Sharon Stone did sign up for the dating app Bumble. Men in the greater Los Angeles area who were a match with her rejoiced!

That is, until ultimate buzz-kill Bumble took notice. The company assumed celebrities don't need dating apps and quickly shut down her account.

Apparently the app had received reports that the account was "fake." I'd like to meet the gift-horse-in-the-mouth-looking mofos who reported Sharon. Let the lady live!

Of course, after Stone groused about her banishment on twitter, the thirst squad came out in full force.

Come on Sharon, you could do better! Our thoughts are with you in this cuffing season.