Dua Lipa has been posting about her seemingly endless summer vacation (seriously that woman has been on a non-stop holiday for 5 months).

Recently, Lipa in her Bella Goth cosplay is seen turning over shrimp on a grill in a beautiful locale. But nary a hint of smoke, charcoal, or sizzle is seen in the video. She keeps turning the shrimp which is beautifully orange but void of any grill marks or char. Where’s the char Dulapeep?!

Naturally, Pop Crave posted the video to everyone’s confusion on Twitter.

“Does she know that it’s suppose to produce heat when used correctly??” asks @heyyitjanea.

“She ain’t doing **** but she’s pretty,” says @wholesomefoxx. Despite questionable cooking tactics, the outfit eats!

The video joins the long lines of celebrities faking things like Millie Bobby Brown pretending to put on her skincare, Bow Wow’s fake private jet, and my personal favorite—Fifth Harmony “repairing” a tractor during a performance. 

The internet once bullied Dua Lipa into becoming a good dancer so maybe this will lead to Lipa becoming a world-class chef. She went from hip bump to choreography using her whole body. Get ready to start saying Yes, Chef Dulapeep.