Oops! Britney Spears did it again ... and by “it” we mean terrifying a good chunk of her fans with a strange — albeit seasonally appropriate — dose of knife play.

The pop star headed to Instagram on Monday with a dangerous new take on her iconic living room dance videos, sharing a clip of herself shaking, shimmying and of course, twirling in circles with what appear to be two large cooking knives.

“I started playing in the kitchen with knives today,” she captioned the photo, reiterating that “Halloween is soon.”

Despite her assurance to her fans and hopefully her menagerie of dogs, who make a brief, terrified appearance during her clip that the knives were fake  — “Don’t worry they are NOT real knives !!!” Spears wrote — several fans were concerned nonetheless.

“I know she said they are fake but those things be CLANGING,” wrote @JoeOrgana.

“These are not fake knives, you can tell by the sound,” speculated @EternalJolie_. “I love Britney but this is dangerous, one wrong move and she could cut herself or one of the dogs.”


Though it’s unclear whether the star and her pups were actually in danger, one thing is certain: To paraphrase @EverneverMind, Spears’ Knives Out reboot is crazy.