One woman got a little too into the back-to-school spirit, appearing to break into a dormitory bathroom where she took a relaxing shower.

Though it’s unclear where or when this squeaky-clean break-in took place, the students' reactions were ever apparent, a crowd gathered, looking visibly angry as they waited for the woman to finish her steam.

“Taking her precious time,” read the text laid over a now-viral clip of the incident.

Woman goes into random dorm and showers
byu/Hobbescrownest inImTheMainCharacter

After she eventually exited the bathroom, the waiting crowd of students were terrified to discover that she not only helped herself to their facilities but also to one of their towels.

“That’s my towel!” yelled a passerby as the woman walked off sporting nothing but the green strip of terrycloth. “That’s my towel!”

The shower stealer was ultimately escorted off the premises.

So take it from this incredibly clean bandit: If you’re gonna break into a dorm shower, at least use your own towel.