Looking for a guide of what *not* to do when your partner is in labor? Look no further than Mom Tiktoker Jenna Christie’s tale of birth-giving woe.

In a since-deleted clip, Christie got candid about what to expect when you’re expecting a child with an incompetent husband, outlining all the “dumb things” her partner did while she was in the process of giving birth.

First on the list as she started to feel contractions? Hitting her with the age-old question of what’s for dinner. “My water broke at 2 p.m. (By) 6 p.m., things are happening, and he asked me what was for dinner,” Christie recalled. “I’m like, ‘I’m a little busy dilating, I can’t fire up the fajitas right now honey, you’re on your own.’”

Despite his wife’s plea to wake up and smell the fajitas he should have made for himself, the unnamed hubby doubled down on his oblivious behavior, presenting her with a dog bowl for her complaints of nausea, and opting to take a “scenic route” to the hospital as Christie battled labor pains. “We’ve never been this way to the hospital,” she recalled. “We take the highway. Not today. Special day.”

Fortunately for Christie, her epidural eased the pain and her husband’s bone-headedness — “He must have gotten less stupid once I got the epidural because there’s a gap where nothing dumb happened,” she joked — but she soon realized he got a bit too excited as she was pushing, discovering he sent her family group chat photos of her giving birth — and her bare chest.  

“Later, I look at these photos, and I’m tits out, just like boobies, sending pictures of my boobies to my dad,” she marveled. “I know it’s a beautiful moment, but still I’m like, ‘Did you look at these before you sent them?’”

Yet, as they readied to return home with their new addition, Christie’s husband committed one more faux pas for good measure, asking her to share her protein bar with him mere hours after she had endured labor. “He’s like, ‘Can we split that? I’m hungry,’” she explained.

Although the video was quickly scrubbed from TikTok, it was reposted on Twitter, evoking a resounding “divorce him” from pretty much every woman on the platform.

“I don’t think people realize how many partners are like this (male ones),” mused @morgancrawf. “Totally unthinking and self-orientated. All of the time.”

“This is such a genuine question, but how do you love and respect someone who behaves like this?” asked @thecindynoir. “How do you feel safe with someone who is this negligent and insensitive…?”

MTV alum Franchesca Ramsey similarly didn’t mince words in telling Christie how to respond: “Divorce fucking sucks. But if you need one, you should get one.”

Either way, no woman has ever suffered such a labor of love — in this case, quite literally.