If you think you’re spitting fire, make sure you’re not at risk of spitting something else.

Yes, it’s an oddly specific lesson, but some people have yet to learn it. For example, this woman thought she was really making a point when suddenly she was met with an unwelcome surprise in the mouth.

Who knows what she was talking about prior to this — she’s clearly mad about a video being taken, but all the wind quickly leaves her sails as soon as her two front teeth fall out. The dude filming knows he’s won as well, reacting with a gopher-like chuckle as the woman begins searching for her lost teeth.

By the end, the woman seems to have calmed down, knowing full well that one can’t really recover from having their teeth pop out mid-argument.

Despite this recovery, users in the comments couldn’t help but roast the woman. “Some people are tough and ruthless. This person is rough and toothless,” wrote one user. “Spittin chiclets like a Saskatchewan winger,” offered another. “She probably lost her original teeth to this person in a previous argument,” speculated a third.

Guess she really was all bark and no bite.