American live-stream video bloggers and social media personalities Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known together by their "professional" names Diamond and Silk, just lied under oath 5 times during a congressional hearing regarding major social media outlets censoring conservative voices.

At times yelling at lawmakers, Lynnette Hardaway, known as Diamond, alleged at the hearing that “Facebook along with other social media sites have taken aggressive actions to silence conservative voices like ourselves.” Facebook has denied the claim and stated that the two have ignored their requests to speak about it.

Hardaway and her peer, Rochelle Richardson, or Silk, later charged that Trump and other conservative icons, such as Sarah Palin, are being censored, though they did not offer evidence to support the accusations. The duo testified under oath.

And then the shit hit the fan... when the bloggers were also asked whether they had ever been paid by the Trump campaign. They initially insisted they had not been, even though a federal campaign finance record shows otherwise.

And then they were called on it:

What do you think? Is Facebook censoring conservatives? Or just every-damn-body? Have you ever lied under oath?