Some people piss in the pool, some people piss in the shower, and some people, piss in the sink. Granted, a lot fewer people piss in the sink, however, sink pissers everywhere are outraged that the rest of us want them to stop it.

The Twitter account @GoodReddit posted a screenshot of a post from the r/Sinkpissers subreddit with the caption, “Wife caught me. What do I say?” While that statement sounds like a man who was caught cheating, the reality is worse.

“She couldn’t comprehend it,” the poster wrote. “I said it was to save water but she didn’t buy it.”

“Carry on my fellow warrior,” goldenguuy commented. “Those that stand in our way shall be struck down.”

Sink pissers justify their behavior in a few distinct ways, mainly by claiming that it saves water; 1.6 gallons for every piss to be exact. But posts on the subreddit indicate that other reasons range from being tall to asserting dominance at work to, “Why not?”

But if they agree on one thing, it’s that the rest of us are crazy for not pissing in our sinks. 

“The science pretty much shows guys who piss in the sink live longer,” Helicon_Amateur wrote, “obviously she wants you to die sooner.”

If the rest of the sink-pissing community is anything to go on, this wife will have a hard time convincing her husband to go back to pissing in the toilet like an environmentally unenlightened slog.