Jada Pinkett Smith — actress, August entangler, the face that launched one (1) Academy Awards slap, and the mastermind behind Tupac Shakur’s death?

While Duane “Keffe D” Davis’ arrest brought the details surrounding the rapper’s 1996 murder into question, a handful of conspiracy theorists have long wondered whether there may be more to the story, pinning the rapper’s death on none other than Smith.

As the world fixated on the slap heard ‘round the world following the Academy Awards in March 2022, redditor u/SirTatterTott headed to r/conspiracy with a theory on Will Smith and Chris Rock’s tense face-off, arguing that the entire ordeal was really just a massive cover-up for the I Am Legend star’s wife.

“The more I look into this whole alopecia problem, the more I am starting to think Jada killed 2pac!” they boasted, referencing the former couple’s respective pasts allegedly selling drugs. “The history is their [sic], she is lying saying she has alopecia, shaving her head in a guise.”

Though they may have been too enthralled in the theory to care about grammar or to explain how Smith would benefit from lying about having alopecia and shaving her head — lack of DNA evidence, perchance? —  u/SirTatterTott was undeterred, questioning what else the Red Table Talk maven could be concealing.

“What else is she lying about?” they asked, imploring their fellow Redditors for help. “Was she in Vegas in 1996 when 2pac died? Did she pull the hit herself or higher some local gangbangers? Does her affair with August have something to do with it? Chris Rock might of [sic] been ready to rat out Jada, slap was a cover?”

Though the forum was not able to settle on a decisive answer surrounding u/u/SirTatterTot’s musings  — “The weed be letting you know!” commented u/the-torture-doctor — one thing is certain: Diddy should absolutely jump on this theory as soon as he goddamn can.