We all knew it was going to happen: The average Joe has become a TikTok e-girl. In the early days of the internet, documenting one’s everyday life to post online was seen as an anomaly. Today, you can’t even go to the grocery store without seeing some dude attempt a prank video or a flock of pre-teens blocking off the pasta aisle to do a TikTok dance.

In the past, this behavior was largely contained to teenagers. However, as those teens have grown up, they haven’t stopped this tendency toward endless documentation, even as the actual details of their lives have become significantly more mundane.

One man is currently being roasted after falling victim to this trend. In the highly-edited video, he shares himself getting dressed before presenting several well-framed shots of himself performing a major life activity. Going to Target.

The effort that creating something like this would take is embarrassing.

For example, at one point he films himself driving into the Target and getting out of the car. If you think about this, this would require him to drive to Target, get out of his car, set up his tripod, then get back into his car to film himself pulling into a parking space — all for a shot of himself doing what thousands of moms across the country do every day.

Then again, numerous posters claimed that the actual money one can get for posting videos like this is substantial. Like it or not (I certainly don’t), it would be pretty nice to have the clip of yourself paying for groceries actually cover the cost of your groceries.

It’s fine to respect the hustle — but, for the love of god, don’t film me at Target.