We all know the feeling of getting really, really into a movie. But sometimes this goes just a little too far — take, for example, the Swifties who turned a showing of her Eras tour film into a full-blown seance.

Other times, people go super over-the-top in celebration of their favorite flick. One example of this behavior was recently displayed in India. During a showing of a film called Tiger 3, a few happy attendees decided to light off a few fireworks. Scratch that — a metric shitton of fireworks.

While some viewers fled the theater, others seemed to love the display, with cheering being heard throughout the video. By the end of the video, the whole audience seems to be in on the fun. Good times!

This isn’t the first time Bollywood fans have lit fireworks inside a theater. Back in 2021, some happy filmgoers decided to show just how much they liked the movie they were watching by setting off an explosive array of pyrotechnics.

That said, Salman Khan, one of the stars of Tiger 3, isn’t too happy about people almost burning down the cinema the second he comes on screen. He took to Twitter to tell all people going to his films to please leave their firestarters at home.

So just in case you needed a reminder — next time you go to the movie theater, remember to not bring anything that you plan to start on fire. And if you’re going to light something up, do it in the parking lot beforehand like a normal person.