A man was arrested in Pueblo Colorado on Tuesday after leading police on a chase through the Pueblo shopping center parking lot before driving through the doors of the mall, before crashing and being taken into custody in the mall's food court. 

No one was injured in the chase, however, the mall was evacuated after the man was taken into custody, claiming he had bombs in his car. The bomb squad was called to the scene but it's still unclear if the man actually had bombs in his car. 

The identity of the man has not yet been released. However, that didn't stop people online from cracking their jokes. 

"Sometimes Sbarro be callin" jokes one user on Reddit." “I thought they were automatic doors officer!” joked another.

While charges for the mall crashing perp have yet to be made public, it's probably not looking good for this guy as driving your car into a densely crowded mall is sure to up your time served. 

While we are glad no one was injured during the ordeal, we know this dude had one chance to get his last meal and he missed it.